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Bioservo Signs Rhino Assembly

Rhino Assembly signs another strategic distribution agreement with Bioservo for selling the all-new Ironhand® in the United States.

CONCORD, NC Aug. 16, 2019:

Bioservo Technologies AB (publ) (Nasdaq First North: BIOS) has entered a distribution agreement for selling the all-new Ironhand® with Rhino Assembly Company, LLC for the US market. Rhino Assembly’s mission is to identify and deliver the world’s most innovative assembly solutions reflective of Industry 4.0 and beyond to their customers with a focus on building better quality products while maintaining a safe environment for their workers. Rhino Assembly is a well-known partner to the local automotive industry with over 30 years’ experience and therefore a great partner for Bioservo in the US. Rhino Assembly works with customers like Ford, BMW USA, Boeing, Caterpillar and many others in the automotive, aerospace, agriculture and general industry manufacturing sectors.

Petter Bäckgren, CEO Bioservo, commented: "We are delighted to add Rhino Assembly to our global partner network as we are establishing distribution throughout Europe and the US. We now enter into agreements with experienced organizations that with the help of their vast networks will be great partners when marketing the all-new Ironhand® on their respective markets.” Dan Brooks, CEO Rhino Assembly, commented: “With the addition of Bioservo’s Ironhand®, it is the mission of Rhino Assembly to help our customers focus on ergonomics and productivity in the workplace, providing an immediate solution to alleviate worker fatigue and injury without removing human input from the process.

All of the brands that make up the Rhino Tool House family have helped to develop the infrastructure to provide a service and support reach unmatched in the industry. This expanded reach means that Rhino Assembly can now provide these products and services nationwide within the Rhino Tool House network, adding tremendous value for our customers. Contact Rhino Assembly today to schedule a demo and learn more about the statistics and data behind the new Ironhand® and how it can reduce injuries on your plant floor.

About Ironhand®

Bioservo’s soft robotic muscle strengthening system Ironhand® comprises a lightweight glove with a portable power pack worn like a backpack. Ironhand® can add up to 80 N to the wearer’s grip within milliseconds. In addition to that, it is equipped with smart data capabilities which makes it possible to digitalize ergonomic risk assessment as well as provide an adaptive performance to the operator over time. At the same time as it supports the wearer, it collects and analyzes data making it possible to evaluate and identify grip intense use cases that run a high ergonomic risk. The wearer is in full control of the system which helps to create a healthy and sustainable work environment.


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